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Things to Do With Your Quinceanera Dress

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quinceanera dressesYour quinceanera is a very important event in your young life. It's the moment marking your transition from childhood to young womanhood, and so it's no wonder you want to look special when celebrating it. A beautiful dress, perfectly done hair, a radiant smile on your face are all just as important as the location and the guest list. You spend weeks, if not months, planning everything with your family, trying on different quinceanera dresses, putting together a perfect menu and learning the steps to the first dance you are going to dance with your father. And then the big day comes, the celebration flashes before your eyes and before you know it, the dance is over, the cake is eaten and the next day starts just like hundreds of days before.
Except when you wake up the day after your celebration, there is a quinceanera dress hanging in your room and you're considered a young woman. It's wonderful to feel all grown up, but that fancy dress you wore the night before, the dress you spent hours finding, trying on, picking and choosing is not something you're going to wear again. You could hang it in the corner of your closet and maybe put it on every now and then just for fun, but there are other, perhaps better ways to make use of your quinceanera dress. Just be sure to discuss your ideas with your mother first since many of them involve scissors and parents are not always fond of their children cutting up important garments.
One of the things you can do with your quinceanera dress is to cut it in half and use top and bottom for different purposes. The beautiful, perfectly fitting corset of your dress can become an independent garment, a top you can wear with less fancy skirts or even jeans to dress them up. The full skirt of your quinceanera dress can be used in numerous ways. You can turn it into decorative pillows that will remind you of your wonderful day in a pretty way; you could use the skirt fabric to add a lovely trim around your window or headboard. Since every quinceanera celebration results in numerous pictures, you could use the fabric from your dress to put together custom made photo albums or decorative photo frames showcasing your best pictures of the evening.
If you wouldn't even think of taking scissors to your Quinceanera Dresses quinceanera dress or you don't have the permission to do it, consider some uses for your dress as is. You can definitely use it as a costume come next Halloween, getting dressed up as a princess or a zombie quinceanera, and stored in a protective bag it can wait for you to turn eighteen when you have every right to decide what to do with it. By then you might want to cut it up and reuse the fabric, you may want to sell it to another happy quinceanera, or you just may decide to hold on to it so that when your own daughter is in a need of her quinceanera dress, she has a choice f what by then will be vintage gown.
asked Mar 24, 2015 by anonymous

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